Augmented reality projects

Texture tracker

Design and implementation of a 6 DOF tracker for flat textured objects. This classical augmented reality applications allows to find the position and orientation of a planar object without the use of unaesthetic markers.

Computer vision developer at Total Immersion

I was part of the team which improved and refined an algorithm from the EPFL CVlabs into the cutting-edge 'DFusion MLT' tracking software and integrated it into Total Immersion's augmented reality suite.

This product was used in a variety of contexts, and amongst them, as a car-repair visual aid for a famous car manufacturer.

HistoryLines : a Kinect interface to Gapminder

In 2006, Hans Rosling gave a TED talk that received a large audience where he presented Gapminder, a visualization tool for displaying demographic data from various sources. When in 2010 he made a new presentation of his tool using post-processed effect to get an augmenter reality feel, we decided to make a tool to display this data in realtime, using a kinect interface.

EasyScan: A map maker for Google Tango

In 2014 Google released Project Tango, a tablet with a kinect-like 3d camera on its back. With Wosomtech (now Dipix Systems) we designed a map making application targeted at architects and professionals. Sadly, Google abandonned that platform in 2018.